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Energy and Water Management

Energy and water monitoring and targeting systems.

These are essential management tools but are often neglected in favour of more immediate work.

We can help you to:-

  • set up and maintain a simple system
  • identify savings and trends including correct tariffs
  • Prepare reports for building users and senior management

Information from a M&T system provides essential data for obtaining the best fuel prices on multi site contracts. It allows you to identify the real and continuing savings resulting from any energy saving action.

Utility selection and purchase.

We offer independent advice on suppliers and can prepare tenders or obtain quotations that meet your own regulations and EC tender procedures if applicable. This service includes evaluation of tenders to auditable standards. This is particularly important as fuel prices are currently very volatile.

Water saving.

Water costs can be as high as gas and electricity together. We can identify areas for saving and recommend remedial action. Water saving surveys are often best carried out as part of an energy survey.

Energy surveys

Energy Surveys of buildings and engineering services are an essential step in setting benchmarks and identifying areas for improving energy performance. We carry out surveys to CIBSE TM22 that provide an up to date systematic approach recognised by government. Surveys can also be useful in long term planning for a building and in asset management and can be used as part of ESOS compliance.


Automatic recording of environmental conditions can reveal much about building and plant performance. We have data loggers which record environmental temperature and humidity and also 3 phase electricity( V, i, kWh and power factor). These loggers can be used in energy surveys and in solving problems particularly with controls and building defects. Thermal imaging can be carried as well as simple structural investigations using a boroscope which can help to establish U values as well as the absence of insulation.

Awareness raising and training

Awareness raising and training for staff and building managers about energy and environmental issues is an essential part of gaining their active co-operation and consequently in achieving and maintaining savings. Good publicity about savings can help with further investment bids and help with public perception of the organisation. We can provide basic training and material for in house publications and publicity material. We can also prepare web pages or set up websites for your use.

Energy and Environmental Policy

Customers are increasingly demanding that their suppliers not only have an environmental policy but are actively implementing it to minimise the risks of bad publicity from environmental disasters . Tim Linford is trained as a lead auditor for ISO 14001 and can help you develop a policy and implement a simple Environmental Management System. This can also be important in ensuring that energy and water savings targets are met.

Too often a saving in one area causes extra expense in other areas (often unforeseen) so the broad approach we have is a key factor in avoiding conflicts and obtaining best value.

ISO50001 is now accepted as the gold standard for Energy Management. We can advise how existing policies and procedures can be brought into line with ISO50001 to make transition as straightforward as possible. This is particularly relevant for businesses subject to ESOS where ISO50001 is a route to compliance.





New Build and Refurbishment

Computer modeling

Computer modeling of buildings and plant helps to design for reduced summer overheating and reduced plant sizing. There are likely savings in capital and running costs whilst maintaining user satisfaction. We can set up simple models which are very useful in evaluating alternatives at sketch design.

Design of electrical and mechanical building services.

We can provide a full design service or provide a value added service up to outline proposals (RIBA Stage 2). This helps to get the right sort of system that is not oversized and will have a good cost in use performance. We can also advise on the appropriate maintenance regime and end of life disposal.

Computer and telecom installations often grow to be 'mission critical' but without proper regard to the power supply, cooling, fire or flood protection. We can advise on these systems and appropriate disaster prevention and recovery approaches.

Design Advice

When considering major refurbishments or new build it is essential to look at options which will minimise overall cost in use. A consideration of energy and carbon use, maintenance costs, expected lifetimes and costs of disposal as well as capital costs can have a major influence on the project. When these matters are considered at an early feasibility stage of the project the most benefit can be obtained.

Low Carbon Consultant

Tim Linford is a Chartered Building Services Engineer and CIBSE registered Low Carbon Consultant. for Building Operation

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and ESOS

Tim Linford is an accredited Energy Assessor, able to provide DECs for clients who are required to have these certificates. Tim is also a CIBSE certified Lead Assessor for ESOS.

Do you need a DEC?

Does ESOS apply to you?






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